Maximize convenience, communication, control and compliance

DentalMonitoring enables you to schedule remote consultations and monitor your patients’ orthodontic treatment. Using Artificial Intelligence, the DM App makes it simple to maintain a connection with your patients virtually, monitor their treatment and provide them with the highest quality care to offer the best available patient experience.


  • Thanks to DentalMonitoring, you can see what’s going on in your patient’s mouth, remotely. Through the app and its connected tools — the DM ScanBox and DM Cheek Retractor — scans of patients smiles are automatically uploaded into DM’s AI engine where they are analyzed. Scans and results are automatically sent straight to your dashboard. It sounds easy, for you and your patients, and it is!


  • With the DM in-app messaging function, your patients are just a click away. You can now communicate with them easily and remotely. You can send treatment recommendations, updates and even annotated pictures to guide them through your feedback, anytime, anywhere. It has never been easier to bridge the gap between your practice and your patients.


  • By regularly evaluating the evolution of a patient’s treatment, you can ensure a high quality of care and follow-up. Whatever appliance is selected, DentalMonitoring enhances the patient experience and helps you keep the treatment plan on track. Optimize your practice’s workflow and save patients from unnecessary chair time. See them only when needed, be more cost effective and reduce the “blind orthodontics effect” that creates so much frustration!


  • Compliance is synonymous with success when it comes to patient experience. DentalMonitoring acts as an active reminder for your patients, keeping them engaged and motivated. They’ll feel guided and taken care of at every step of the way when it comes to their treatment.

Augment your practice

Your patients use the app to take intraoral selfies with their smartphone, at the interval you set.
Photos are then automatically sorted, cropped, organized by date and angulation, and stored.
You can access them at any time, on your dashboard, from any device.

Assess treatment evolution remotely

Dental Monitoring helps your patients take regular photos. At any point during treatment, you can view photos from different angles and compare with past images.

Detect issues early

The DM Artificial Intelligence automatically detects clinical situations from the photos and notifies you of changing conditions as they occur.

A full assessment toolkit

Access a full range of information: compare the molar and cuspid A/P relationship over time, changes in the overbite and overjet, as often as needed.

A complete photo viewer

Our photo viewer lets you remotely assess the situation and its evolution, from a variety of views: frontal, occlusal or buccal.

Your protocols send the right instruction to the right people at the right time, so you can eliminate repetitive instructions and solve issues before they become problems.

Customise practice protocols

You can create your own protocols, or use templates created by our most experienced users. Each protocol outlines how you want your patients and staff to react to the information detected in patient photos.

Provide proactive solutions

Design each protocol to detect specific treatment situations and react to them the way you would. Your DM messages are triggered when specific patients meet the pre-defined clinical criteria you set, so that your team and patients receive the feedback and guidance they need.

Monitor appliance activity and retention stability

The Activity Graph shows the average tooth movement in each arch to give you a quick overview of how active the appliance is at any stage in treatment.
The steeper the curve, the more the teeth are moving. Select any particular tooth to see it is moving and when – in translation, torque, rotation and angulation.
One line for each arch. In this case the mandibular arch is almost passive – detect the ideal time to change your archwire or make adjustments. During retention, determine if teeth are moving and relapse is occurring.

Enhance your patient journey


Design a seamless patient experience

Maintain consistent contact between practice appointments. With our app on iOS and Android, patients can capture their treatment progress, communicate them to you, and receive your instructions.

Keep their treatment on track with optimized appointments and scheduling.

Thanks to automated or live messaging, you control your patient’s treatment remotely and guide them through all stages of their progress.

Engage your patients like never before and let them see their progress

Your patients see their progress and keep your messages with them in their companion app.

Our ultimate devices for perfect pictures: The DM ScanBox and DM Cheek Retractor

Intraoral pictures, easily taken from a smartphone

Monitored patients take scans faster than ever, while ensuring the best quality pictures for optimum results.

Don’t waste your time doing the same thing twice (or more). With the DM ScanBox and DM Cheek Retractor, your First Scan is always the Perfect Scan.

Find out how DentalMonitoring can help you transform your practice. Contact us today.