DM GoLive – The World’s First Dynamic Aligner Tracking System

As an orthodontist, are you frustrated with poor patient compliance, lack of control and the inevitable need for refinement aligners that can sometimes double the length of treatment that you planned?

DM GoLive

Patients are disappointed -the treatment takes longer. The orthodontist is disappointed – extra appointments, additional scans or aligner fees and reduced profitability. The aligner manufacturers also lose – wasted costs and less customer satisfaction with their product.


The biggest challenge with any aligner treatment is that compliance is in the hands of the patient. As an orthodontist, you determine the standard aligner change interval- normally anywhere from 5 and 14 days. But fixed change intervals are far from ideal.


Patient compliance will vary by patient and also throughout treatment. Some movements are more difficult to achieve with aligners and patient biology varies. All of these factors contribute to how quickly and effectively teeth move with a particular aligner system. Now, with DM GoLive, you have a dynamic aligner tracking system – maximizing the likelihood that the aligners fit well throughout treatment and that the teeth continue to track to achieve your treatment objectives.


DM GoLive™ is a powerful patented algorithm, supervised by the DM clinical team, that detects an unseated aligner. Instead of the usual fixed planned aligner change, the patient receives a weekly “GO” or “NO-GO” notification from the DM application – indicating whether they should move to the next aligner or remain in the current one. Your practice is informed when a “NO-GO” notification is sent, identifying the individual teeth tracking issues as well as other undesirable situations such as hygiene concerns.


IN CASE OF « NO-GO », If you judge that the unseat detected by dm doesn’t justify the interruption of the change of aligners you can:

  • Force the « GO » : at the next scan, the patient will receive a «GO » regardless of what is detected by DM. A «Next DM Scan: ask patient to change aligners» button is available on the patient card.
  • Ignore one or several teeth using the button « send instruction to DM ». In this case, any unseat detected on this/those teeth will be ignored by the algorithm and the DM team for all the following scans taken by the patient. (EX: « ignore tooth 12 »)


Product Features

  • Dynamic aligner change in response to actual circumstances instead of a preset interval
  • DM scans are analyzed by the patented DM process
  • Systematic control and supervision by the DM clinical team
  • Message sent to patient: GO/NO-GO for aligner change
  • Doctor can override NO-GO at any stage
  • Notifications for the doctor at every aligner change (aligner fit, hygiene, missing buttons, hygiene





  • Shorter treatment – aligners get changed at the optimal time
  • Fewer unnecessary appointments
  • Adapts the aligner change to biological response
  • Better communication with the practice – motivates the patient
  • Rewards the patient’s compliance
  • Keep aligner wear discrete by minimizing visible unseating.



  • Treatment time optimized
  • More predictable outcomes
  • Improved tracking can lead to optimized check-up appointments
  • Significantly fewer aligner refinements
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Improved patient satisfaction with the practice and the aligner system
  • Practice differentiation