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Dental Monitoring ist das erste Unternehmen, das Zahnärzten und Kieferorthopäden KI-gestützte Lösungen anbietet, mit denen sie ihre Praxis erweitern können, um in einer virtuellen Behandlungsumgebung zu agieren.

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Maybe the only benefit of the COVID-19 outbreak…

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Brancheninnovatoren sorgen für Effizienz in der Praxis des 21. Jahrhunderts

Entdecken Sie, wie wir mit Gaidge™ LLC zusammengearbeitet haben, um zu zeigen, wie Daten und Technologie Ihre „intelligente“ Praxis schaffen können

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Dental Monitoring - the 'wonderful everyday solution'

Guy Deeming covers the benefits of Dental Monitoring in his practice and how patients have taken to his virtual practice.

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The Dental Monitoring System. Two Cases

A study of our algorithm for the monitoring of orthodontic treatments that demonstrates the impact on patient engagement.

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The new Invisalign patient journey

One of the best pieces of business advice I was ever given was to absolutely nail my patient journey…

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Artificial intelligence shifts consumer behavior

Dentistry in the face of digital disruption and how it impacts orthodontics.

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How the demand for aligners bounced back after COVID-19

Catherine McCanny discusses the surprise of high demand for Invisalign post-COVID.

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A bright future after lockdown

Guy Deeming, owner of Queensway Orthodontics about treating patients virtually and why the future is brighter than ever.

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Clinical outcomes of Dental Monitoring GoLive

A study that compares the effects of Invisalign® with and without DM as it relates to treatment duration and number of appointments.

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The assessment of rapid palatal expansion

A study evaluating the accuracy of DM in assessing the achievement of treatment goals in patients undergoing rapid palatal expansion treatment.

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Expanding Appointment Intervals with Dental Monitoring

Learn how Dr. Dabney uses DM to mprove both the inside and outside of the office.

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Smartphone applications used in orthdontics

A scoping review of scholarly literature by Vaid, Hansa and Bichu for the Journal of the World Federation of Orthodontists.

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Accuracy of Dental Monitoring 3D digital dental models

These providers studies the quality and accurace of the photos taken by DentalMonitoring for clinical purposes.

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Pracitce Profile with
 Dr. Glaser

Check out this renowned clear aligner expert and how he adapted in the world of competition with remote patient monitoring.

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