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Welcome to The DM podcast series brought to you by Dental Monitoring. The dental and orthodontic industry is evolving quickly, and as always this is the result of the push and pull of innovation and consumer demand! If you’re curious about this evolution, if you’re looking for real solutions to grow your practice, or if you simply want to hear from leaders in the industry who have already embraced our AI-powered solutions, tune in for our latest. 

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AD_COR_PD_Epidode 16 – How to Maintain a Strong Team When Shifting to Virtual Care_016_01_au_A_MF_en

AD_COR_PD_Episode 15 – How to Book More Qualified Consults_150_01_au_A_MF_en

AD_COR_PD_Episode 14 – Why Casey Bull from TIO Believes DM Technology is Disruptive_014_01_au_A_MF_en

AD_COR_PD_Episode 13 – The Intersection of Smart Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry_013_01_au_A_MF_en

AD_COR_PD_Episode 12 – Marketing Advice for your Practice_012_01_au_A_MF_en

AD_COR_PD_Episode 11 – Eight Steps to increasing case acceptance & having more patients say “yes” to treatment_011_01_au_A_MF_en

AD_COR_PD_Episode 10 – In Two Words. Convenience & Compliance _010_01_au_A_MF_en

AD_COR_PD_Episode 9 – Marketing for dentists. The dos and the donts_009_01_au_A_MF_en

AD_COR_PD_Episode 8 – Adapt and Accelerate your Practice with Automation_008_01_au_A_MF_en

AD_COR_PD_Episode 7 – Real ROI, The Benefits of Remote Orthodontics_007_01_au_A_MF_en

AD_COR_PD_Episode 6 – Time: One of the Many Gifts of Remote Care_006_01_au_A_MF_en

AD_COR_PD_Episode 5 – Building Teams and a Seamless Patient Journey_005_01_au_A_MF_en

AD_COR_PD_Episode 4 – How to Thrive in the Era of Virtual Orthodontics_004_01_au_A_MF_en

AD_COR_PD_Episode 3 – Leveraging technology to make your practice truly patient-centric_003_01_au_A_MF_en


AD_COR_PD_Episode 2 – Taking the Leap into the Virtual World of Orthodontics_002_01_au_A_MF_en


AD_COR_PD_Episode 1 – Can Artificial Intelligence transform Orthodontics_001_01_au_A_MF_en

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