APAC Virtual Forum 2020

Going Virtual-Expand your practice to a whole new environment with AI

Thur., November 5

1:30 – 3:30 p.m. (GMT +8hrs)

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Join us virtually for a 2 hour forum and panel discussion of orthodontic industry thought-leaders. This event will completely change the way you view growth opportunities for your practice and how you enhance care.

Discover how you can transform your practice with technology designed to [re]invent the patient experience.We are bringing you the best information, on the best products with the best experience. You won’t want to miss it.


Session 1

Why Virtual Practice

with Dr. Rhonda Coyne

  • Understanding  and preparing for the next generation of dentistry
  • Reinventing the patient journey with the DM Virtual Practice
  • Patient adaptation and “buy-in”
  • What to expect from workflow and management to practice and patient

Session 2

SmileMate & Practice Marketing

with Dr. Vandana Katyal

  • Enhance your marketing opportunities & generate new leads
  • Triage patients, while they are still at home
  • Understanding the unlimited potential of SmileMate

Session 3

Monitoring: Differentiate Your Practice

with Dr. Ronnie Yap

  • Understanding the full benefits of remote monitoring
  • How Dental Monitoring is different than other products

Session 4

Panel Discussion 

All Speakers

  • Open discussion about what’s next in the industry and what to expect from a Virtual Practice

Meet our Speakers

Dr. Rhonda Coyne studied dentistry at the University of Queensland. Upon graduation she joined her father’s family practice in
Cairns and now runs three practices in Regional Far North Queensland. From a family of specialists and teachers she takes special interest in all forms of education, technology and professional development and is dedicated to being the best she can be. She has presented on a range of topics inside and outside of orthodontics.

Dr. Rhonda Coyne

NQ Orthodontics, Australia

Dr. Vandana Katyal is a certified Specialist Orthodontist based in North Shore (Sydney), as suburb of Mosman. She is highly experienced in delivering the latest, most efficient and most comfortable invisible orthodontic treatments. In 2019, she completed an MBA at Stanford University. Dr. Katyal is an avid educator and serves as the Head Lecturer for Best Orthodontic Seminars & Session. She is passionate about delivering the best treatments using the latest evidence-based techniques.

Dr. Vandana Katyal

Clean Clear and Correct Smiles, Australia

Dr. Ronnie Yap is currently in private group practice focused on clear aligner therapy and aesthetic dentistry. He graduated in 1992 and was awarded both the FAC Ohlers Gold Medal for Best Clinical Student and the University Silver Medal for the Best Student. Dr. Ronnie is the current President-Elect of the Asian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. A firm believer of continuing education, he has been actively organizing professional education courses for dentists  and lectured in more than 14 countries.

Dr. Ronnie Yap

Orchard Scotts Dental, Singapore

Mark Van Weelde joined Dental Monitoring in 2016 and now serves as the Senior VP & Executive Director. His involvement in the dental and orthodontic industry goes back to 2001 when he established Align Technology in Asia-Pacific as Vice President. He has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia and is a qualified Australian Chartered Accountant. As an angel investor, he’s involved with various healthcare and technology private companies.

Mark Van Weelde

Dental Monitoring

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