March 2020

By July 30, 2020 Release Notes
New! Video conferencing now available!

It can be enabled on each practice account for an additional $50/month.

Virtual Consultation

We integrated video instructions on how to do a scan without cheek retractors on all landing pages and within the relevant steps. The catchline is now customisable and practice details can be hidden from the generic landing page. 

In the form, we have added the patient birthdate as a requirement. We also added a new question “what is your primary goal for treatment?” as a second step. The answer appears at the top of the screening report.

Screening report

Screening observations can now be edited by the doctor. To do so, click on the observation you want to edit, then when the panel opens, hover on the observation severity itself and you can change it.
Patient photos are now included in the print version of the screening report.

Patient management

All doctors now have access to a “patient list”. They can click on it to access the patient file. From there they can review all the patient contact information. Good to know: even if a patient did not go through the full Virtual Consultation process or if his/her scan got rejected, the doctor can still access the patient contact info and reach out.

Email templates

When sharing a report with their patients, doctors can use a pre-written email template. Two templates have been provided by default to all doctor accounts (to give them a base to start from) but they can edit them or add as many templates as they like. It should make their life easier when sharing the same type of information with many patients. They can find them in “Settings > Email templates”.


Branding customisation (primary colour + logo) is now available on all accounts under “Settings > Branding”. When customised, the new colour and logo will appear on the doctor dashboard, doctor emails, doctor Virtual Consultation page and on the patient dashboard.