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The industry is transforming. And it starts here. With DentalMonitoring’s intelligent platform, practice efficiency and patient satisfaction are reaching new, unforseen heights.

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Better Outcomes. Better Care.

DentalMonitoring’s solutions are designed to improve dental care along the entire patient journey, from discovery to life-long retention and monitoring.

Our Mission

Enhance the quality of care. Enable practice optimization and growth. Improve the patient experience

Choose only the best for your practice. Partner with us to grow and scale

DentalMonitoring’s solutions were specifically designed to promote scalability in practices. Growing your practice and going digital has never been easier with two major tools: remote monitoring and AI-based automation. Equipping your practice with the most up-to-date technology helps you differentiate, attract more patients and access new revenue opportunities.

Meet The Team

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Turo Mäkinen

Business Development Manager, Nordics +358 50 549 3943

Elina Seppälä

Implementation Specialist, Finland +358 50 408 6180

Nora Al-shiwili

Implementation Specialist, Sweden. +46 79 348 06 33

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Stay connected with our app

Redefine practice management and remote monitoring on your own terms, with more flexibility for all your clinical team. Our Practice App includes several features for transforming your workflow, including instant access to patient charts, direct messaging with patients and reviewing emergency scans.

Offer convenience and maximize efficiency at every step of your patient journey

With our virtual practice solutions, you can assess, qualify, triage and monitor patient treatment — remotely.

We believe that dentists and orthodontists should be able to
automate and virtualize everything outside of the clinical side
of care — and at the same time create a more connected and
convenient patient experience. We hope to make this a reality
through trusted partnerships with industry leaders.

Philippe Salah - CEO

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