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A Knowledge-Based Algorithm for Automatic Monitoring of Orthodontic Treatment: The Dental Monitoring System. Two Cases

by Silvia Caruso, Sara Caruso, Marianna Pellegrino, Rayan Skafi, Alessandro Nota, and Simona Tecco

Published March 7 2020

Artificial intelligence shifts consumer behaviour and impacts orthodontics

by Dr. Derek Mahony

Issue 2, Oct. 2020

Clinical outcomes and patient perspectives of Dental Monitoring® GoLive® with Invisalign®—a retrospective cohort study.

Progress in Orthodontics

Jun. 15th, 2020

The most promising technology for teleassistance in orthodontics is Dental Monitoring

Journal of Clinical Medecine

June.17, 2020

The assessment of rapid palatal expansion using a remote monitoring software.

Journal of the World Federation of Orthodontists

Dec. 2nd, 2019

Expanding Appointment Intervals with Dental Monitoring.

Bentson Copple reSource

2nd & 3rd Quarter, 2019

Accuracy of a smartphone-based orthodontic treatment-monitoring application.

Angle Orthodontist, Vol 89, No 5

Nov. 5, 2019

Impact of a smartphone application on oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment



Remote monitoring and Tele-orthodontics: Concept, scope and applications.

Seminars in Orthodontics, Vol 24, No 4

Nov. 4, 2018

Accuracy of Dental Monitoring 3D digital dental models using photograph and video mode.

American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics,Vol 156, Issue 3

Sep., 2019

Reliability and accuracy of a novel photogrammetric orthodontic monitoring system


Aug. 2018

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