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Create believable smile simulations to capture more qualified leads. Online or in practice. In seconds.


Meet the dental industry’s 1st smile and appliance simulator that uses images of your patient’s real teeth.

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New feature

Get leads from your website ready for orthodontic treatment before they come in

Our new smile simulator lets you give potential patients the opportunity to see their future smile without the time commitment of driving to an appointment.

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There’s no other smile simulation software like ours. Really.

Preview an ultra-realistic future smile, in a snap.

Empower patients to visualize and choose their appliances.

Easy to use

From home, or in practice

All you need are pictures taken from any smartphone.

Your patients can submit images (guided by our software) through the SmileMate online assessment. You review the AI-generated initial report and then send it straight to them with their full consultative report.


Or, use our app in your practice for optimal control and additional features.

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Instant. Real. Convincing.

Exclusive features
  • Use with all appliance types
  • Preview the use of mixed appliances (app only)
  • Get unlimited simulations
  • Customize the O-ring color (app only)
  • Select from 4 realistic whitening shades (app only)
  • Change the size and positioning of the smile (app only)


DM smile and appliance simulation app provides best results on:
  • Slight or moderate deep bite
  • Slight or moderate crowding
  • Small interdental space
  • Patients with no ongoing treatment (no attachment)
  • Teenagers and adults


Important notes for our smile and appliance simulation app users:

  • The in-practice smile and appliance simulator app is intended for use under the supervision of a certified dental practitioner, and requires the use of a Dental Monitoring Cheek Retractor.
  • The app is compatible with an iPhone or an iPad Pro.
  • In-app real time guidelines (orientation, mouth opening, distance) help take the perfect shot to get the best simulations.
  • The smiles are created with the help of artificial intelligence. The final results of the treatment may look different.

Before and after

“Because orthodontics is not just about the social six. The DM’s virtual practice software generates AI-powered orthodontic treatment simulations to guide appliance selection.”

— Dr. Francis Scriven
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