Say goodbye to typodonts and 3D renderings

DM Vision uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to generate instant photo-realistic simulations of patients’ future smiles, and boost case acceptance.

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Vision of your Choice

Take a simple photo and instantly show the patient how they will look with different appliances.

Available only on iPad Pro

Vision of your Future

Use your iPad to show your patients a realistic picture of their future smile

Coming soon

Simple and instantly shareable

All it takes is an iPad and the DM Vision app to instantly create photos and share them with your patients.

Unique, just like your patient

With DM Vision, your patients don’t have to imagine what they will look like. The AI simulations are so realistic they will instantly see themselves and their future smiles.

Get enthusiastic consent

A picture is worth a thousand words – inform your patients, manage their expectations, and engage them in their future treatment.

Find out how DM can transform your practice.