Here is the key
to your Virtual Practice

Whether you’re a dentist, an orthodontist or a dental assistant,
Dental Monitoring brings you the most cutting-edge virtual solutions
to help you provide a high level of care to your patients remotely.

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Dental Monitoring is
an innovative company driven
by a pioneering vision

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From humble beginnings as a handful of forward-thinkers, we’ve grown into our current-day international team of over 325 people around the world within 5 offices.

It’s an audacious, incredibly rewarding mission that our increasingly diverse team is dedicated to achieving, with over half a billion patient photographs processed through our AI platform on behalf of the 6000 orthodontists registered on our technology platform and 500,000 patients worldwide who have benefited from the DM convenient experience so far.

With our radically new approach, our goal is to become a trusted and independent partner for dental professionals, enhancing their business performance, accelerating growth revenue and ultimately reinventing the patient journey. Through our smart, robust AI-based solutions, we provide expert tools to doctors and expert dental care to patients.

From your first point of contact with patients to a more long-term monitoring
of their dental condition or dental treatment, our suite of AI-powered virtual solutions will help grow your practice and maximize efficiency.


  • Generate new leads by integrating SmileMate into your digital campaigns
  • Generate a comprehensive report of patients’ oral health to better organize, triage and book appointments
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  • Boost case acceptance of orthodontic treatments
  • Motivate patients through hyper-realistic simulations of their smile during and after treatment
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  • Monitor all treatment types overtime for enhanced compliance and improved convenience
  • Increase practice efficiency through automation of repetitive tasks according to your own pre-set protocols
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We bring you the most up-to-date platforms
to manage your patients remotely, including:

AI Analysis

AI-powered and automated clinical analyses based on Doctor’s protocols

In-App embedded voice and video calls feature

2-way messaging platform:
text and voice messages, share images

Only When Needed appointment
“OWN” scheduling system


ISO 13485 certified
for Medical Devices
Quality Management


GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA & HITECH security requirements compliance


HIPAA compliant for protection and non-disclosure of patient health information

Available on iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows and iPadOS.

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