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Online Assessment and Remote Monitoring for dentists, orthodontists and their patients.


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Helping dental professionals to maintain patient care with online solutions at a reduce cost during the pandemic: Virtual Consultation and Remote Monitoring

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Turn your practice website into a remote dental assessment tool and provide virtual consultations for new patients

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Provide your patients with personalized simulations to guide them and improve your orthodontics case acceptance

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Follow-up on your patients’ treatment remotely while encouraging their engagement and optimize your team’s workflow

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The ultimate device: The ScanBox

Intraoral pictures, easily taken from a smartphone

Monitored patients take scans faster than ever, still ensuring the best quality pictures for optimum results.

Results to date
Collaborators in more than 20 countries

DM is the most innovative help to Aligner treatment in at least 10 years. The true revolution is in finally providing doctors with a measurable way to monitor their patients’ aligner treatments. Before DM we could only visually check treatment progress, which is inaccurate, time-consuming and inconsistent from one doctor to another.

Dr. Steve Semaan, AustraliaBDS(Hons) MDSc(Orth) MOrth RCS(Edin) MRACDS(Ortho) Post Grad Dip Bus

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At Dental Monitoring, we believe our solutions can amplify all the efforts you make to challenge the status-quo
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