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Assess and communicate with patients.
Instantly. Remotely. Securely.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and secure video technology, SmileMate allows dentists and orthodontist to assess patients’ oral health instantly and remotely, all while freeing up the need for in-person appointments and increasing overall patient flow.

SmileMate combines advanced AI with the convenience of smartphones to connect patients and doctors for virtual consultations to assess and communicate with new patients or existing patients remotely.

Make it easy for new patient leads to get in touch with you.

SmileMate Dashboard Report

With SmileMate:

  • Increase patient flow via secure virtual video consultation
  • Convert patient leads on your website using our plugin
  • Assess patients’ oral health remotely with unlimited scans
  • Organic and triage patients for in-office appointments only if needed
  • Customize to match your practice brand in a few easy steps
Get Started

How it works

Step 1

Patient visits your website

Step 2

Photos are submitted through the secure virtual consultation plugin

Step 3

Screening report is automatically generated on your dashboard

Step 4

Once the report is shared with your recommendations, patients can access it and engage

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Hear what our users have to say

“SmileMate doesn’t replace a full clinical examination, it is an extra tool in your kit that will enable your leads and current patients to be converted into acceptance of treatment.I was totally blown away when I saw this for the first time. And I think Artificial Intelligence is going to be the future.”

– Dr. Jaswinder Gill

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