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Dental Monitoring is the only AI-based solution
expanding your practice into a virtual environment.

From new patient acquisition to remote follow up of all treatments, here is the key to
unlocking tomorrow’s opportunities and addressing patients’ needs today.

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Dental Monitoring


Our AI-suite to transform your patient journey and maximize
convenience, compliance, control and communication,
every step of the way.

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SmileMate offers you the possibility to communicate with new patients and to screen their oral health. All remotely, from your website. 

  • Generate new leads by integrating our ready-to-use plugin into your practice’s website, as well as into Google and social media ads.
  • Initiate first patient contact and increase your patient flow.
  • Use our comprehensive AI-generated reports of patients’ oral health to better organize, triage and book appointments with treatment recommandations.
  • Centralized and HIPAA-compliant communication channels for you and your patients, centralized in one place.



Vision uses AI technology to generate ultra-realistic smile predictions and appliance simulations with just one photo.

  • Boost case acceptance of orthodontic treatments.
  • Ultra-realistic simulations use your patients actual teeth to preview their smiles during and after treatment, resulting in instant engagement.
  • Real. Simple. Efficient.

Monitoring is a patient app, practice dashboard and proprietary ScanBox that allows you to monitor patient treatment remotely.

  • Monitor all treatment types with time-lapsed tracking remotely for more frequent touches with patients
  • Enhance compliance and improve convenience with scan capabilities from anywhere and anytime.
  • Increase practice efficiency with automation of repetitive tasks, while maintaining control through pre-set protocols



Your DM Virtual Practice, a safe and secure place to work

For your practice and your patients peace of mind,
DM solutions are HIPAA and EU-GDPR compliant, and ISO13485 certified. 


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  • 3 months subscription to Vision starting from your onboarding training,
  • 3 months subscription to SmileMate starting from your coupon activation.
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